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Kitchen Protection Systems

High pressure water mist and wet chemical fire suppression systems are effective and efficient suppression systems used for extinguishing fires in all kitchen fryer, hot plate and extraction equipment.

The Hydramist system utilises a nozzle body incorporating 2 to 7 micro-nozzles, scientifically configured to produce a calculated flow rate and spray pattern. A unique permutation of this technology is a water mist system specifically designed to extinguish fire in commercial kitchen environments, doing away with conventional wet chemical systems and the potential messy clean-up process. This system utilises a small high pressure pump and specific temperature sensing nozzles in lieu of agent storage containers, fusible link detectors and conduits and has a single detection and extinguishing piping network. The system complies with AS 4587 and is LPCB approved for specific kitchen exhaust hood applications.

Hydramist 15AMPU Fact Sheet

The Hydramist® 15AMPU featuring automatic and manual operation comprises of one 15 litres/min high pressure, high specification pump with electrically driven single phase motor. A self monitoring flow sensor arrangement provides automatic operation – a power healthy lamp is also contained within the stainless steel cabinet.

Inspection Certificate

This certificate is issued to WaterMist Ltd to certify that the undersigned did, at their request, attend the premises of Fire Protection Association to witness the testing on the undernoted equipment.

Loss Prevention Ceritfication Board - WaterMist Ltd

Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Catering Equipment