ARC Seal

ARC Seal doors come in two opening options to suit your installation. The ARC Seal “M” comes with a magnetic auto release opening and manual reset to close. The ARC Seal “C” comes with auto opening and closing using a reverse polarity  actuator. Both options require 24V input to operate making it compatible with your fire alarm system. The ARC Seal doors can be manufactured to suit the SHX and DUX style and size of pressure relief vents.

ARC Seal Unit Data Sheet

Building regulation for Archive stores and cold stores has become more onerous in recent years with the requirement for total risk leakage and thermal insulation being the main concern. As a result of these codes we have developed the ARCHSEAL Door to complement our High-X 100 range of Pressure Vent. The ARCHSEAL replaces the outer grille or weather louvre to provide a hermetically sealed and thermally insulated outer cover to the High-X100.